Procedurally Generated Battle Maps
Overworld Navigation
Overworld UI
Defending against the swarm
Resource Collection and Building
Capturing Points Of Interest
Fortifying before taking off
Custom ECS Tooling
Early Swarm Test Level
Early Swarm Test Level
Swarm Stability Test
Early Reciprocal Collision Avoidance

Unannounced Title

posted 8/10/2023 in Commercial

An RTS and TAB hybrid project. Utilizing Svelto ECS and Unity's Jobs for handling tens of thousands of enemies. It included advanced unit pathfinding and steering inspired by Starcraft. 

Some of my contributions include:

  • Swarm System and custom indirect rendering
  • AI behaviors, steering, and pathfinding
  • Burst and Multithreaded Optimizations
  • ECS and Jobs game architecture
  • Gameplay systems and mechanics
  • VFX graph effects
  • Custom Dear IMGUI based ECS Tooling