Work Experience
7+ years
7+ years
12+ years
12+ years
10+ years
10+ years
  • Javascript/TS
  • React
  • Git
  • Jira
Game Jams Participated 4
Open Source Project 18
Released Commercial Projects 3
  • Great team player.
  • Adaptable to various coding styles and standards.
  • Fast Learner and great problem solver.
  • Able to draw from a multi-field experience as an indie game developer.
  • Software Engineer Specialization
  • Extensive Remote Work Experience
  • Agile and Scrum Development Experience
Informatics Degree Bulgaria, Plovdiv University
Open Source Contributed a decent amount of Open Source projects
Senior Developer 5+ years of experience
Shader Master Extensive Shader Knowledge (GLSL/HLSL)
Art Background Graphic Arts Diploma
Indie Game Dev Indie Game Dev Generalist Background
VR Nerd A huge VR fan since the DK2 days.

Outside of work, exercise, especially marathons, is a love of mine. Proficient in both English and Bulgarian, I have a passion for exploring and experimenting with new architectures, technologies, and fields. The realm of robotics and DIY hacking fascinates me. I am also a die-hard sci-fi fan and a proud '90s kid.

I have consistently witnessed his exceptional technical prowess, unwavering commitment to innovation, and genuine passion for crafting immersive gaming experiences. His eagerness to explore emerging technologies further enhances his ability to push the boundaries of game development and elevate the performance and capabilities of our creations...


Alessandro Mochi, CEO of Dapper Penguin Studios - Website